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"I think fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy. It’s not about rules." – Wolfgang Joop

February 2, 2010 February 2, 2010

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Destination: Class

Wearing: Headband (Eliza B.), Necklace (origin unknown), Blouse (American Eagle), Tank (Free People), Shorts (American Eagle, purchased as full-length jeans and turned into cutoffs), Tights (American Eagle)

Not Pictured Items: White socks with pink and green hearts, scrunched down at ankles (Target?), Green and pink plaid tennis shoes (Keds)

Extra Notes: I don’t have a camera with me at the moment (not to mention that I’ve just got this tendency to ruin photographs when I try to take them myself), so the photo of today’s outfit was taken with the webcam on my computer. This explains the odd hunched over position and why you can’t see footwear.

Also, when I am wearing my glasses (which is most of the time I’m trying to see anything more than a few feet away) they will always be the Ray Bans pictured here. They are not considered part of my outfits since they are the only pair I own. Glasses are expensive!


An Introduction

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Hello blogosphere!

I’m Brinkley. I spend a lot of time perusing online stores, thrift shops, and fashion magazines to create the looks I wear everyday. I consider myself somewhat of an artist in this respect, and I enjoy wearing clothing that not only makes me look cute, but that intrigues or inspires others.

My own fashion sense could be described as a mixture of what you see in the pages of Teen Vogue, on the streets of Japanese cities, and in photo albums of previous decades.

But I have a multitude of interests aside from what I’m wearing. (It’s upsetting to get dressed up with nowhere to go and nothing to do, after all.) I’m a scientist–a Psychology and Biology major on the Ph. D-track looking towards a career in research and teaching at the university level. I enjoy learning in general and going on spontaneous adventures. In addition, I love video games, computers, and various other geeky pursuits. (And I combine some of these elements into my styles when I can.)

I’ll post today’s outfit later today in the first blog post in what will become the usual format, but at the end of this post I’ve added some examples of my looks over the past few years to start things off.

Performing with my band at the time at a house show

Downtown with friends

Dinner for a friend's 17th birthday

Dance party and picnic in the park

Work at the newspaper

Lunch downtown

Snow day and studying

Attending a house show

Quiz bowl tournament

Playing "Rock Band" before senior prom